Morgans Client Giving Foundation

With as little as $50,000 you can start a structured giving program of your own. Your support can make the world of difference, and giving in a structured way can be more effective than simply responding to ad hoc requests.

Choose the best structure for you

The Morgans Client Giving Foundation provides an avenue for you to not only make tax deductible donations, but to also establish and preserve a legacy while giving to the community.

In the same way that Morgans provides clients with tailored investment advice and solutions, we are also able to provide assistance in planning your personal philanthropic program. There are two primary ways to do this. The first is a Private Ancillary Fund (PAF) run by you or by investing through a Public Ancillary Fund (PuAF) such as the Morgans Client Giving Foundation.

As a rule of thumb, investors wishing to donate in excess of $500,000 may wish to consider establishing their own PAF. However, potential donors should note that a PAF requires them to take a hands-on role in the compliance, administration and grant-making activities of the Fund. If, however, you would prefer to outsource the administration and compliance, then the Morgans Client Giving Foundation allows you to focus on the grant-making activities of philanthropy without the compliance and administrative burden.

Importantly, the Morgans Client Giving Foundation also allows donors with smaller lump sum amounts ($50,000 min.) to actively participate in structured philanthropy and have all the administration taken care of.

Features of a Public Ancillary Fund (PuAF)

  • A not-for-profit entity solely for the purpose of providing benefits to approved entities
  • Donations to a PuAF are income tax deductible for the donor
  • The earnings of the PuAF are exempt from income tax and any franking credits on Australian dividends can be claimed by the PuAF
  • The Trustee is responsible for making final distribution allocations
  • The Fund must make a minimum annual distribution of 4% of its value (with some exceptions)
  • The Trustee must adhere to a formal investment strategy and comply with the documented investment restrictions
  • The Trustee must lodge an annual return to the ATO Commissioner and be audited.

More information

To find out more download the Morgans Client Giving Foundation brochure or you can email

Contact your Morgans adviser to discuss whether this service is right for you.

Contact us

If you are not a Morgans client, please email Mr Steven Wright in Brisbane or Mrs Kylie Macdonald in Sydney for more information.

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