ASX Listed Fixed Interest

Fixed Interest Securities (non-Government) are generally suited to investors seeking income. They are intended to pay a consistent stream of distributions based on either fixed or floating rates.

Corporate and Bank issued securities offer investors the benefit of higher yields than traditional fixed interest securities (such as Government and Semi-Government bonds) while providing liquidity via an ASX listing. These securities are generally issued by well-known companies in the S&P/ASX 200 Index.

Morgans can offer you advice as well as a range of new investment opportunities from Australia's largest banks and industrial companies.

Your adviser can build a tailored income portfolio for you, which unlike managed fund alternatives, can be constructed to take into account your specific objectives and risk profile.

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Current listed securities

It is very important to understand the security issue terms as the securities in this sector vary greatly. Contact your Morgans adviser for more information:

Senior Debt

Security Name  Issue
Australian Unity Notes
Peet Bonds
Peet Bonds II
Tatts Bonds
Villa World Bonds

Subordinated Debt

Security Name  Issue
AGL Energy Subordinated Notes
AMP Subordinated Notes II
APA Subordinated Notes
Crown Subordinated Notes
Crown Subordinated Notes II
National Bank Subordinated Notes II
Qube Subordinated Notes
Suncorp Subordinated Notes
Westpac Subordinated Notes II

Convertible Preference Shares/Capital Notes 

Security Name  Issue
AMP Capital Notes
ANZ Capital Notes ANZPD
ANZ Capital Notes 2 ANZPE
ANZ Capital Notes 3 ANZPF
ANZ Capital Notes 4 ANZPG
ANZ Capital Notes 5 ANZPH
Bendigo Bank CPS II BENPE
Bendigo Bank CPS III BENPF
Bendigo Bank CPS IV BENPG
BOQ Convertible Preference Shares BOQPD
BOQ Capital Notes BOQPE
Commonwealth Bank Perls VI CBAPC
CommBank Perls VII CBAPD
CommBank Perls VIII
CommBank Perls IX CBAPF
Challenger Capital Notes CGFPA
Challenger Capital Notes II CGFPB
IAG Capital Notes IAGPD
Macquarie Bank Capital Notes MBLPA
Macquarie Capital Notes MQGPA
Macquarie Capital Notes MQGPB
National Bank CPS NABPA
National Bank CPS II NABPB
National Bank Capital Notes NABPC
National Bank Capital Notes II NABPD
Suncorp Convertible Pref. Shares III SUNPE
Suncorp Capital Notes SUNPF
Suncorp Capital Notes II SUNPG
Westpac Convertible Pref. Shares III WBCPC
Westpac Capital Notes WBCPD
Westpac Capital Notes II WBCPE
Westpac Capital Notes III WBCPF
Westpac Capital Notes IV WBCPG

More information

Contact a Morgans adviser in your nearest Morgans branch for more information on listed fixed interest securities. Morgans advisers can help you determine which securities may be suitable for your investment portfolio.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is of a general nature only. It does not take into account your individual financial situation, objectives or needs. You should consider your own financial position and requirements before making a decision. Morgans Financial Limited ABN 49 010 669 726, its related bodies corporate, directors and officers, employees, authorised representatives and agents (“Morgans”) do not accept any liability for any loss or damage arising from, or in connection with, any action taken or not taken on the basis of information contained on this site. Morgans recommends that you consult a licensed investment adviser before acting on any information contained on this site.

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